The first step in our storytelling vision involves creating intricate music and soundscapes

that will transport the listener to the universe in which the story takes place

Seigyn - Revelation EP Artwork.jpg

Revelation (EP - 2018)

'Revelation' tells the story of a near-utopian society that ultimately destroys itself entirely, creating what is later known as the Deep Space Well, or just "the Well."


Valleys (Single - 2018)

"Valleys" depicts one aspect of the thought-process of the Syn Domarian engineers as they fled across the Well in an effort to get away from their old civilization which had turned violent. The multi-light-year journey across the Well took a great number of years with their level of technology, and the technology and culture that developed among them during the journey would forever change the course of history in that volume of space.

Dark City VIP Cover Art 1-01.jpg

Dark City (Single - 2018)

"Dark City" is the first of the Heian Trilogy which is a direct prequel to the storyline that takes place in our forthcoming 'Syndicus' EP. The Heian Trilogy follows one particular Outside Agent as he infiltrates a key position, the moon Heian, located far behind enemy lines.