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Episode 43 - March 27, 2018

Streamed live at on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

To celebrate REZZ being awarded a Juno for Electronic Album of the Year, the theme for Electric Exploration Ep 43 guessed it, REZZ. Staying in the midtempo range the whole time, we heard a host of her original or remixed material, plus some other great mid-techno and mid-bass tracks from the likes of NOMAD, 13, Satisfye, Punker, Hunter Siegel, Bad Intentions, Tameloop, Alon Mor, Seven Lions, Savoy, Opiuo, Mat Zo, and Midnight Kids, along with some released (and unreleased, for those who watched the stream live) Seigyn.

Episode 41 - March 13, 2018

Streamed live on Twitch ( on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

Opiuo dropped his new EP 'SYZYGY 01' recently, and we were dying to play it out on the stream. Thus, we used it as our main theme for Episode 41. In among the magic that is Opiuo, we mixed some sweet tunes from the likes of Be Svendsen, Jon Hopkins, Zhu & Tame Impala, Anomalie, Defunk, Luceo, NOMAD, The Glitch Mob, and Syence. We also played some of our own music to end it, including an unreleased jam.

Episode 39 - Feb 27, 2018

Streamed live on Twitch ( on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

The Glitch Mob announced a new album, "See Without Eyes" (out May 4, 2018), and released the first single from it. They have been a huge inspiration for us over the years, so we decided to use their new track as the general theme for Episode 39. Yesterday was also the first birthday of our remix of "Let Go" by deadmau5 and Grabbitz! To celebrate, we mixed in that track and some others like it as a secondary theme.

SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC! Episode 38 took us through tracks by other artists such as Aevi, Hood Rich, Bad Computer, Seven Lions, Nine Lives, ZHU, blanke, Goja, and more. Although the new Glitch Mob was our "Track of the Week," the new one from Goja would have easily won on any other week. Maybe we'll play it again next week and use that as our theme....

Episode 37 - Feb 13, 2018

Streamed live at on 2/13/18.

We started things off in the midtempo range, as usual, and worked our way up to some upbeat house. Episode 37 featured tracks from yours truly (our new VIP of "Dark City"), Satisfye, Louis The Child and Whethan, Chloe Martini, Traveler, Jafunk, Dirty South, Walker & Royce, Amtrac, and more.

Episode 36 - Feb 6, 2018

Episode 36 was somewhat mellow overall compared to most other episodes. However, it definitely had a certain type of energy and, as always, contained that omnipresent funk which affects us all. We featured tracks from Opiuo, Machete, Louis The Child, Satisfye, Jafunk, Dombrance, and more, including a first listen to a new VIP that we’ll be releasing Monday, Feb 12, 2018.

If you're diggin' the Totally Others remix of Galantis, go throw them a vote in the remix contest here:

Episode 32 - Jan 2, 2018

Apologies to those who attempted to watch the show live and were disappointed to find that the audio was glitching out. We couldn't find an ethernet cord so we decided to just continue the show, glitches and all. Here it is in full quality without the glitches, featuring tracks from the likes of Hundred Waters, INZO, Flamingosis, The Toxic Avenger, YOOKIE, Lille, Ekali & ZHU, and more.

Episode 30 - Dec 12, 2017

We haven't really left the studio lately. Though if there's any reason for not leaving the house, creating art is a good one. We made it to Episode 30! It was an episode full of a bunch of different styles, from electro swing to wonky trap to some funky house; we covered most of the bases between chill and raging, and included the first listen to a brand new Seigyn original that we'll be releasing very soon! Enjoy some good new jams from the likes of The Geek x Vrv, Megan Hamilton, Tony Romera, Alex Metric, Choice, Opiuo, Jenaux, Virtual Self, and more.