Episode 29 - Dec 6, 2017

Thanks to Twitch, we had to go live with Episode 29 a day late. However, as the episode proved, better late than never! Such an awesome batch of tunes, including the likes of The Geek x Vrv, Megan Hamilton, Traveler, Justin Jay, Virtual Self, Alon Mor, REZZ, a few Seigyn originals (including an unreleased one), and more.

Episode 28 - Nov 28, 2017

Played a host of heavier tunes we've recently acquired (though not all of them ;), plus, as always, a healthy dose of funk. Episode 28 of Electric Exploration features tracks from the likes of Bryce Fox, Cheshire, Billboard, Anomalie, Jenaux, The Geek x Vrv, GRiZ, Infected Mushroom, and a few of our own originals, including one of our brand-new ones "Moonrise".

Episode 24 - Oct 31, 2017

Episode 24 landed square on All Hallows' Eve, so we dressed up, drank beer, ate candy, and enjoyed some (mostly) darker selections. This episode features tracks from the likes of ZHU, Township Rebellion, Rodriguz Jr., Madeaux, Alon Mor, The Bloody Beetroots, and Savoy, as well as an exclusive first listen to the fifth track off of our forthcoming debut EP, Syndicus.

Episode 21 Track List

Even though Windows made us half an hour late, last night's show was a good one! So many great friends tuning in from different parts of the country. The show is starting to become what we envisioned, and that feels amazing.

Here's the track list:

Be Svendson - Bones (Bwoy De Bhajans Klovborg Remix)
Hedflux - Sananga Serenade
Luke Million - Come Together
Gramatik & Balkan Bump - Aymo (feat. Talib Kweli)
Tortuga - Icarus
STéLOUSE - Sociopath (feat. Bryce Fox)
Seigyn - ID
Rinzen - ID
GoldFish - Bad Luck and Trouble
Dances With White Girls & Walker & Royce - Take Me To Your Leader
Monkey Safari - Dodge (Victor Ruiz Remix)
Cornucopia - Letter For Poly
Goldfish - Late Night People (feat. Soweto Kinch)
Rinzen - ID
Capital Cities - Vowels (Robotaki Remix)

So much great music! See you next week for even more. And remember—if you find anything that you think we should feature on the show. Send it to us!

Tobias Reaper